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QBL Season 2

Season 2 | Quake Beginners League

By Daax
Online, NA Online
QBL is a League designed for Players in Rank Gold and below in the North America Region.

We want to give newer/lower tier players a place to grow in skill and knowledge of the game, without the fear of being totally demolished. If you have ever placed Diamond or higher in Ranked Duel, this League is most likely not for you.

Season will be played out from Nov 11 to Dec 31.

This schedule requires you to play minimum two best of 3 Matches per week.

Players are responsible to contact their opponent and schedule a time to play their matches each week and then report the results on this website.
America/Toronto (UTC-04:00)
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Bragging rights and self improvement!
[ Registration Requirements ]
Before registering you are required to complete QC Duel Placements for Current Season.

Register for the tornament with your QC name
Join QBL Discord, Set your name to match QC name

[ Season 2 Schedule ]

Round Robin Play
Dates: Nov 11 to Dec 1
Responsibility: Each player is responsible Schedule/Play/Report all of their
Rounds 1 - 7 Matches.

Bracket Tournament Play
Dates: Dec 2 to Dec 23
Responsibility: Each player is responsible Schedule/Play/Report all of their
Winner/Loser Bracket Matches.

Tournament Grand Finals
Dates: TBD (Will be specified day so it can be live streamed)

[ Season 2 Format ]
Round Robin: All matches are best of 3.
Play Offs: All matches are best of 3, with Best of 5 Grand Finals.
Winner Reports match results

Picks & Bans
Season 2 will have map & Hero picks and bans.
Players must use to handle this process.

[ League Rules ]
Schedule & Report Matches
Players are responsible to contact their opponent and schedule a time to play their matches.
You have an entire week to schedule and play the 3 maps vs each of your opponents.

Winners are required submit match results on the Toornament Website.
Please use Channel #match-scheduling in discord to communicate with your opponent.

Please use Channel #admin-help in discord to report any issues you have.
(Opponent no show/not responding, not able to play scheduled match etc.)

Game Settings
Game Type: Duel
Score Limit: 100
Time Limit: 10
Picks & Bans: Use

When Selecting Server / Region, try and pick the most fair location for both players. For example if Player 1 is West Coast & Player 2 is East Coast, it might be best to choose Central Server, as it’s in the middle of the two players.

[ League Structure ]
For Season 2 we have created a second division & added 8 more player slots.

Round Robin Play
In Round Robin Play everyone will play each other one time.
Its up to each player to contact their oponent and schedule play times.
Players are required to schedule and play minimum 2 Matches per week.
A round will consist of playing your opponent in a best of 3.

One Point is awarded for each map victory. Points are deducted for any forfeits.

The Playoffs
Players will be fed into a Double Elimination Tournament based off the points they gained in Round Robin Play.

Rounds will be best of 3, with a best of 5 Loser Bracket Finals & Grand Finals.

The Winner of the Grand Final will be the QBL Season 2 Champion!

Helpful feedback is always welcome, find me on Discord.

Thanks for checking this out.