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AGL East Coast APEX Quals #9
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Alliance Gaming League Qualifier #9

By Alliance Gaming League
Welcome to the Gamers Combine, brought to you by the Alliance Gaming League. The Gamers Combine is the battle ground where all players will have the opportunity to compete for their spot in the AGL and join their city team. The winner of this tournament will be given a futures contract with the AGL and compete in the APEX Legends Season (Still in development). In addition, there will be some other cool perks for the winners.

ENTRY FEE = $10.00 (payable by going to and under the designated tournament there is a button for payment )
Structure to be determined.
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Join Discord
Futures Contract with Alliance Gaming League
Marketing support of personal pages and team pages
Team Uniforms
Registration in both Online and Physical tournaments outside the AGL until season launch.
Other Perks for the winners
The tournament will consist of 4 rounds (4 matches per round) / Qualifier, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals). * Your first match must start at the deisgnated time at the beginning of each round* .Each player is able to build their own team of 3 to compete, otherwise a team of 3 will be built in random. The scoring is based on # of kills, damage dealt and overall placement in each match. Understanding that the highest scores move on to the next round, some players will be eliminated from teams, thus teams will be reformed in the next round (The Qualifiers are individual effort based and teams could change from Qualifier to Quarter Finals. After the Qualifiers, teams will stay the same through the Finals.) * If you are competing with your own team, please email with the Gamer Tags of your team so that we make sure to group you together* Also, the finals will be held at the AGL HQ in Washington D.C.

Winners of the tournament will be able to select the city they would like to represent in the AGL.


Score Breakdown:
1 kill = 1 point
1 win = 5 points per player
Damage = 1% of total damage per match (ex: 1299 DMG = 12.99 points)

Breakdown of rounds:

Qualifier - top 27 players will advance

Quarter-Finals - top 5 teams will advance

Semi-Finals - Top 1 team will advance

Finals - Top team will compete against another top team from another Gamers Combine tournament to be crowned the winner!


Must be at least 18 yrs old to compete.

Payment must be made and verified to successfully reserve tournament seat.

Must be registered before the start date.

If you are pre-selecting a team, the league must be notified via our Official Discord in order to verify teams and not build at random.

Each player must take a screen shot of the match results and submit them via Toornament, Discord or in order to receive credit. We prefer to have them submitted via Toornament.

At least 1 player from each team must stream the match so that the AGL staff can further verify in game involvement and results

Each player MUST register and JOIN to the AGL's Official Discord at

* All tournament information and questions
will be addressed via Discord. *

Entry Fee is = $10.00 per player payable via Paypal on or a link located on our Official Discord.

This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licencors.