5 custom pro Jerseys & $100usd


By ʙ E̲ ᴛ & Galaxy Hound



🎄 All squads play 2 matches (Saturday 12/28/19) 7PM EST. & (Saturday 1/4/19) points will Be accumulated.

🎄 🥇 - 600 pts
🥈 - 450 pts
🥉 - 400 pts
4th = 390 pts
5th = 380 pts
6th = 370 pts
7th = 360 pts
8th = 350 pts
9th = 300 Pts
10th - 13th 250 pts
14th-17th 200 pts
18th - 25th 100 pts

🎄30 pts per kill points through out all 2 rounds accumulated (counted together)

🎄 You will receive a confirmation email with the specifics. (Id/pass/slot) etc.

🎄CHECK IN time stars 1hour prior to tourney start. (required)
Atlantic/Cape Verde (UTC-01:00)
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🎁 Winning squad receives $100.00 & 4 custom double stitched pro Team jerseys for your clan/team!

🎁 Top five players will go on “ SANTA’S SLIDES ” highlight reel & Receive merch. Discounts.

🎁 Includes free entry into one of our upcoming tournaments.

🔑 (You will receive an email with validation code)
🎁 36 hours prior to the start of the tournament (CHECK-IN) will open for the registered teams
Allowing them to submit final rosters and make any changes.
12 hours prior to the start of the tournament checkin will close and final confirmations will be sent out via email
During the 12 hours prior to the start of tourney we will be assigning the (tourney ID/password/lobby slot) to avoid

🎄Team leader will be responsible for making sure team members dues are paid prior to registration
(From the time you register until the registration is closed, and checkin is required you will be able to buy in).

🎁 Team leaders will have access to (text balance updates 24/7) to verify money is in account safely.

🎄 Teams May have alternates to sub in or out based on availability.(2 subs 6 Players able to sign up for tournament)

🎁Only the four players participating in the match will be eligible for the prize pool.

🎄 Prize pool will be given live over stream sent to clan leaders merchant of choice

💀 (Absolutely no lobby slot hopping)

🚷 If you move from designated spot your entry fee will be waived and your whole team will be removed from the
tourney indefinitely

🎄 Please refer to this link for more detailed rules and info https://discord.gg/MpRfKq

*No cheating
*No teaming
*No emulators