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NACE Rocket League - Spring 2020

By National Association of Collegiate Esports
NACE Rocket League - Spring 2020 League
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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1.1 Game Mode. Players will be competing in the 3 versus 3 game mode. The winning conditions for each Team with respect to each Round are as follows:
• The final outcome of each NACE match is determined when one Team scores the most points in regulation time, or in accordance with Overtime, or otherwise stated as “OT,” rules set forth herein (as may be applicable).
1.2 Game Version. Unless otherwise specified by Tournament Operator, NACE will use the latest available version of the Game as made available through the Steam client.
2.1 Player Type. Each Player will have a unique, personalized RocketID.
3.1 Game Settings. Matches should be played with the following settings for all possible types of NACE Championship Games:
• Mode: 3v3, Soccar
• Regulation Time: 5 Min.
3.2 Team Sides. The Team with the highest incoming seed will be labeled as the Blue Team. The lower seeded Team will be the Orange Team. If there are no seedings for the Teams, the Tournament Operator will randomly assign the Teams to either Blue or Orange.
3.3 Platform. Players can compete on PC, Xbox or Playstation. Players will be able to use an Xbox, PlayStation, or Scuf controller in place of a mouse and keyboard as long as it is correctly connected to the PC as well and no mods on those controllers will be allowed. During any and all Games, the Tournament Operator reserves the right to check the controllers for compatibility and that it is not altered in any way that is deemed to create an unfair advantage.
4.1 In the event that a winner for a NACE match has not been determined after regulation, the competing Teams will play the following tiebreaker format to determine a winner (“Overtime” or “OT”). Teams will play additional time. During the NACE Championship Game Final, Overtime will continue with unlimited time until a winner is determined.
5.1 If, within the first minute of a NACE match, a Player fails to load into such NACE match or disconnects during such NACE match and no Players have scored a goal, then either Team may request a remake of the NACE match, subject to Administrator approval in its sole and absolute discretion. Until an Administrator approves the remake, Players are expected to continue playing the non-remade NACE match. Each Team may receive up to one (1) remake each Match, unless otherwise agreed by an Administrator.
5.2 If a Player disconnects during a NACE match and does not meet the criteria set forth in the preceding subsection, then there will be no remake remedy available unless an Administrator determines otherwise in the Administrator’s sole and absolute discretion.
5.3 If enough Players disconnect such that an outcome for the Round cannot be determined (i.e., one or both Teams disconnect), then an Administrator may cause the Teams to remake the Round; provided, however, that Administrator may choose instead to award the Round to a Team if the outcome of the Round was obvious. For the avoidance of doubt, any previously played Rounds between the Teams will still count.
5.4 If a remake occurs pursuant to subsection (i), then the Team affected by the disconnect may use a checked-in substitute Player to replace the disconnected Player (if applicable).
5.5 Server Selection - The 'Home team' (identified as the team on the left side of the match on Toornament) will choose the server for the first game. Loser picks the server in the following game, if one should exist.
1.1 Registration. Registration for the NACE Rocket League Spring Tournament will commence in December 2019 and end on February 7, 2020. Players may only participate in the NACE Championship using the same SteamID under which they are initially registered.
1.2 Player Eligibility. All players must compete for an approved NACE member institution.
1.3 Team Entries. More than one team per NACE institution is eligible for competition.
1.4 Player Count. There should be three players per team, plus one substitute.
1.5 League Structure. Team will be placed in two different geographic regions (East and West) based on their physical school location. These regions shall be split equally and according to administrators as appropriate. Within these regions, teams may be further split into “divisions” random to allow for balanced schedules to fit time frames appropriately in order to ensure all matches are completed within the regular season. These shall be designated by number within each region (e.g. East 1 and East 2, etc.) and have no bearing on seeding or placement into the postseason.
2.1 Stages. The NACE Spring League will be comprised of two stages: the group stage and a
playoff. Such stages will be played as follows:

GROUP STAGE Best of 5 Games
PLAYOFFS Best of 5 Games
2.2 Group Stage. Teams will play in a Round Robin format for the Group Stage. All matches will be determined randomly on the Toornament platform on Monday’s and Thursday’s. All matches will be played on Monday’s and Thursday’s at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. If both teams competing against each other in a single match agree to reschedule, it is permitted if cleared through the Tournament Operator. All Monday matches must be rescheduled by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday of the match week. All Thursday matches must be rescheduled by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday of the match week. Date ranges for the group stage are as follows:

Regular Season
Match 1: Feb 20, 2020
Match 2: Feb 24, 2020
Match 3: Feb 27, 2020
Match 4: Mar 2, 2020
Match 5: Mar 5, 2020
Match 6: Mar 9, 2020
Match 7: Mar 12, 2020
Match 8: Mar 16, 2020
Match 9: Mar 19, 2020
Match 10: Mar 23, 2020
Match 11: Mar 26, 2020
Match 12: Mar 30, 2020
Match 13: Apr 2, 2020
Match 14: Apr 6, 2020
Match 15: Apr 9, 2020
Match 16 (East 1 Only): April 11, 2020
Match 17 (East 1 Only): April 12, 2020

Round 1 & 2: April 13, 2020
Round 2: April 16, 2020
Round 3: April 20, 2020
Quarterfinal: April 23, 2020
Semifinal: April 27, 2020
Final: April 30, 2020

2.3 Playoffs. All teams will be seeded into two separate single-elimination tournaments. Date ranges for playoffs will be April 13, 2020 until April 30, 2020.
2.4 Scheduling. Tournament Operator shall set the schedule for all Matches. Team Matches
will be set as follows:
i. Group Stage: Teams will be matched by the Toornament platform in a Round Robin format.
ii. Playoffs: Teams will be placed into two brackets depending on W-L record in the Group Stage. One East Region bracket and one West Region bracket.
iii. Finals: The top winning Team from each region that was not eliminated in the playoff bracket will compete in the finals.
2.5 Arena Choice. Prior to each match, the two Teams will choose the arena that is mutual to both Teams competing. If there are not enough mutual arena selections, the Tournament Operator will randomly choose the remaining arena selections. The arenas that can be chosen from are as follows:
Aquadome, Champions Field, Champions Field (Day), DFH Stadium (Day), DFH Stadium (Storm), Mannfield, Mannfield (Night), Mannfield (Storm), Neo Tokyo, Salty Shores, Starbase ARC, Urban Central, Urban Central (Dawn), Urban Central (Night), Utopia Coliseum, Utopia Coliseum (Dusk), Wasteland, Wasteland (Night)
2.6 Punctuality. Each NACE Championship Game must start within 15 minutes of the default or rescheduled time or within the timeframe otherwise directed by Administrator. Failure to timely start a NACE match may constitute forfeiture of such NACE match by the applicable Team. If one Team has reached two forfeitures in the duration of one season, without exemption from a Tournament Operator, they will further be disqualified from the entirely of the NACE Rocket League season.
2.7 Delay of Game. Unless instituted by an Administrator, any delay of a NACE match is strictly prohibited. It is the Player’s responsibility to communicate with such Player’s Team, and Representative’s responsibility to communicate with Administrators about any actual or foreseeable delays.
In the event of a tie between multiple Teams with respect to either stage advancement or seeding, the advancing or higher seeding Team will be determined using the following tie breaking methods, in the order listed from first to last:
• Head to Head Tiebreaker. Administrator will compare the overall win/loss record from the relevant stage with respect to any NACE match between the tied Teams. The tie will be broken in favor of the Team with the higher overall win record.
• Point Differential. In the event a tie still remains after doing a head-to-head tiebreaker, the Tournament Operator will assess the point differential from all NACE tournament games played prior to the time of the tie-breaker being required. The Team with the highest overall score will advance or be seeded higher.
• Bo1. In the event a tie still remains after doing a head-to-head tiebreaker and assessing the point differential, tied Teams will play a best-of-1 NACE Championship Game. The tie will be broken in favor of the Team which wins such best-of-1 NACE Championship Game. In the event multiple Teams are tied, Administrator will determine, in its sole discretion, the order and matching of Teams for this tiebreaker.
Participants are not prohibited from broadcasting, livestreaming, or uploading video content, including stills, of their in-Game participation in the NACE match. Any Game to be streamed shall only be streamed on a School streaming account.
Administrator may, in Administrator’s sole discretion, impose or approve breaks between NACE matches. Any such break will not exceed 10 minutes unless Administrator expressly approves otherwise under exceptional circumstances.