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40 nodes 5v5 elim tournament

40 nodes 5v5 fast respawn elimination tournament

By Butanium

Please make sure that the nickname you use register here is identical to your Gladiabots-name.

This tournament will use most of the new tournament option added by GFX47 :

The Gamemode is Elimination.

The respawn time is 1 second.

The team size is 5 bots.

The maximum AI size for the whole team (sum of the AI size of each bot) is 40 nodes.

There are 2 stages :
The first one is a round Robin with 4 divisions.
The second one is a double elimination tournament : you are eliminated if you lose 2 matches. The seeds of this stage are determined by the first stage rankings.

In the first stage you fight against each other player once.

In second phase all matches are best of 3.

The winner of the tournament is the player who wins the Grand Finals between the Upper and Lower Bracket winners :
• If the Upper Bracket winner wins the match, he is the winner of the Grand Finals, and the second match of the Grand Finals is removed.
• If the Lower Bracket winner wins the match, the Grand Finals is reset, and a second match is played between the two participants. The winner of this second match is the Grand Finals winner.
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
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HONOR AND GLORY ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
Also : 5000 credits for #1
2000 credits for #2
1000 credits for #3
This is a limited node tournament : the sum of all your AIs must be less or equal to 40.
For example if you use 2 times the same AI of 11 nodes that count for 22 in total.

The Gamemode is Elimination.

The respawn time is 1 second.
The team size is 5 bots.
The maximum amount of different bot AIs is 40 nodes.

In the first stage you will have 24h to deploy the first match and 8h to deploy the others. If all matchs are generated at the same time, you'll have 5 days to deploy all your matchs.

In the second stage you have 6 hours to deploy per match.

Make sure you deploy at least the first match. After that the game will auto deploy the last AI you used if you run out of time. If you don't deploy anything in the first stage you'll be eliminated from the second stage.

A win is worth 3 points
A loss is 0
If there is a draw, the match will be automatically regenerated

Please be sure to write "smART" in the "secret key of the tournament" field of your registration

#First stage:AutoDeployTimeout=450000
#Second stage:AutoDeployTimeout=43200
#First stage:AllowDraws=1