Scope For Change

Scope For Change

By Kyler Sy
Online, Metro Manila
Scope for Change is a non-profit charity tournament that provides for different walks of life whilst still having fun. It enables players to compete for various causes. This website is used as a means to segway the notion of esports to meaningful contributions in the Philippine community. To be terse, it's a non-profit Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament consisting of sixteen teams competing for the ₱40,000 grand total.

Hello players! In order to compete in this tournament, it is mandatory to fill in this form so we can gauge your skill cap, have some insight on your CSGO background, and most importantly, understand what you are playing for and why. Since this tournament is limited to 16 teams, make sure to make your causes as creative and impactful as possible whilst still having a sense of urgency. Please note that if you select the option to choose from the provided list of causes, your chances of participating will be diminished.
Asia/Manila (UTC+08:00)
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Each team can win up to ₱40,000 in prize money: ₱30,000 of the total sum will be donated to be the winning team’s charity of choice while the remainder is given to the team personally. The runner-up and second runner-up teams (3rd to 4th place) will receive ₱20,000 and ₱10,000 respectively. Their earnings will also be divided to a 3:1 ratio of donations and personal winnings.
1. External software enhancing one's in-game performance is prohibited from matches.

2. Matches will use standard competitive settings except for these:

mp_freezetime 20
mp_team_timeout_max 3
mp_overtime_enable 1

Settings for overtime:
mp_startmoney 16000

Teams will receive three timeouts lasting 60 seconds each. If there is an issue, a technical timeout may be called. Strictly no communication is allowed during a technical timeout.

The active map pool will be implemented:


The following actions will be flagged as offensive and irresponsible behavior. They can be reported to notify the admins of such behavior. If. a player keeps violating this code, they can be withdrawn from the game:

1. Griefing
2. Chat Spamming
3. Insulting or profane language
4. Disobeying admins instructions

All matches will be recorded as they will used for advertising material in streams or future video advertisements.

Ingame names and avatars must be responsible refraining from attacking anyone.

Every match will be held as a five-versus-five game permitting four overtimes. A team will only be allowed one substitute. The tournament's bracket is structured as a single bracket enabling overtime. Each team will be given ten minutes to connect to the server. However, if a player does not arrive, the team will be penalized.

In case of any abrupt occurrence within the server such as a crash or network issue, the round will replayed in order to remain nonpartisan.