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Team Genius NA Championship

By Mada Games
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The worlds of hockey & gaming are coming together!
Do you have what it takes to win the showdown?

Confirm your registration by completing the $25 registration payment

There will be a mandatory players meeting on zoom at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST on Friday, October 23, to go over all rules and expectations.

The game will start at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST on Saturday, October 24.

Spaces are limited – sign up now!
America/Vancouver (UTC-08:00)
The following Prizes will be awarded

Virtual Fitness Training for your Team
NHL 2021 + 12 month gaming subscription
Wildcard Esports prize

Check Matches for your division and schedule

Your opponent is listed as their username
(Please make sure to register with PSN ID or Xbox Gamer tag)

Start NHL 20

Select the “Game settings” found below and start the match.
GAME SETTINGS: (set before the game)
Game Style: Full Sim
Rules: NHL
Period Length: 5 minutes
Difficulty: All-Star
Tie Break: Continuous OT

When there is a tie, please send the result of the current game and move on to your next round.

1st player listed chooses their team first as the home team for Qualifying. For Playoffs, the higher seed selects first.

Invite your opponent and start the game. Have fun!!!

Tie Breakers:
1. The highest number of goals scored
2. Fewest goals allowed

This is a 1v1 tournament.

Qualifying is Round Robin (3 games minimum with 5 minute quarters)
Top Team Advances from each Division to Single Elimination Playoff Bracket

Play fair and with integrity