Tower Tag Duo Cup

By VR Nerds
During the current lockdown we want to use the time and start a tournament. Between Christmas and New Year the first “DUO CUP” will take place! Two players per team, double trouble action!
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
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1st 500€
2nd 300€
3rd 200€

(if a minimum of 16 teams register.)
[Game mode:]

2v2 Deathmatch (maps TBA)

[Match time:]

5 min / best of three


EU region servers first. If both teams want to play in other regions, it’s okay too.

[Tournament mode:]

Round robin qualifiers (group rounds, top teams play KO finals for the overall win.
Multiple teams of the same mother team are allowed to play


While round robin the teams should organize the matchmaking via Discord by themselves. After each BO3 match the results must be reported by both teams to the admin in charge (Chris or Phillip).


exact group sizes will be adjusted when overall registration has closed. All teams will be placed randomly, no seeding from previous tournaments.