Monthly Legends of INVITE #1

Monthly Legends of INVITE #1 (,,Empires of the Ascended" Version 1/2)

By G_able & INVITE Gaming e.V.
A classic open single elimination tournament for the new season/expansion/set ,,Empires of the Ascended"! With this tourney we're starting a monthly tournament series which will be always organized the weekend after a balance patch or expansion! Every tourney is independent of each other and you can always participate in the next one if you lose! For submitting decks fill out this form right here until March 7th 2 pm:
Check-In: 2 pm on toornament (Berlin Timezone UTC+01:00)
Start: 3 pm ( ,,--")
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
Join Discord
1st place: 30€
2nd place: 15€
3rd place: 5€
paid with paysafecard ;)
- Please join the discord, otherwise you can't participate! (
- This tourney is available for players only in Europe! (Unfortunately there is an error with cross-shard friend challenge:
If Riot solves the problem before the tourney starts we‘ll give an announcement via discord for you!

- Submitting decklists:
- Riot format: You have to submit 3 decks with no duplicated champions, no duplicated region combinations and no more than one deck without any champions at all with this link until March 7th 2 pm:

Tip: If you use this link right here ( and just add the code from your deck to the link you create a decklist link ;)
Here‘s an example:

- Matches:
- First, you contact your opponent via toornament lobby or discord and invite him to a room!
- Then, you ban one deck from your opponent via the site!
- Then you're playing a Bo3 Conquest against your opponent which means:
-> You have to win with both of your decks that aren't banned
-> If you've won with one deck you have to use the other one!
-> If you have 2 wins you've won the whole match!
- Report your match result in the #score-report channel via discord or under ,,report" on toornament! Take screenshots of your results or stream/record the tourney so you can proof it! (Not required but maybe important if your opponent wants stress!)
- If your opponent doesn't show up after 15 minutes you win the first game and if he/she doesn‘t show up after 30 minutes you win the whole match!
-> If that happens, contact a supporter via discord in the #questions channel!
- If you report a wrong result you will be disqualified from the tournament and will be banned from all Legends of INVITE tournaments in the future!
- If your opponent reports a wrong result, contact a supporter via discord in the #questions channel; if you've streamed it or you have token a screenshot of it, we can solve the problem!

- How to use toornament:
- You can find the bracket under ,,Matches" when the tourney has started!
- You can find the link to the decklists from all players here when the tourney has started:
- You can find your next match under ,,Your Matches"
- When you click on that match you can find the riot id and the discord name from your opponent under ,,Player"
- You can report your match results under ,,report" or via discord in the #score-report channel!
- You can chat with your opponent under ,,lobby"