Run Hot or Die: 4v4 North American Winter Classic 2017

By TheMagician
Run Hot or Die is back! But, times have changed, and so have the league. We are going to get started with a single-day 4v4 tournament on January 8th for NA teams (EU tournament will take place in the future). 4v4 brings incredible action, highlighting the skill of both individual players and teams.
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
This will be a single day tournament taking place on January 8th from 3pm est to approximately 11:30pm est (with 2 hour-long breaks). The tournament will be swiss pairing (max 16 teams) with the top 4 teams making a single elimination bracket. It is a best of 3 format, with different maps and tonnage/class restrictions per drop. See the following for the full rules: