Slant's Weekend Series

Slant's Weekend Tournament Series

Slant, a community for game reviews, is hosting a series of tournaments with a different game each weekend, and the second event is an Unreal Tournament Duel Cup.

The event has a prize pool of $250 and will take place on October 22nd & 23rd on European HUBs.

Event registration is open until Saturday, October 22nd, at 16:30 CEST. The event starts at 17:00 CEST.

For the event to take place, a minimum of 48 players are needed.

Tournament structure:

Day 1:
Swiss Matches Round 1 - 3: Best of 1
Swiss Matches Round 4 - 6: Best of 3

Day 2:
Single Elimination Playoffs (Top 8 from Day 1):
Quarterfinals: Best of 3
Semifinals: Best of 5
Finals: Best of 7
Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+02:00)
1st $150
2nd $75
3rd $25

Prizes will be distributed through PayPal.
All participants must join the Slant Discord at

Competitive Duel Ruleset

Match settings:
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Mutators: HitSounds, WeaponStayOff, NoSuperPowerups, NoPickupTimer
Map-pool: DM-ASDF, DM-Coma, DM-Erase, DM-Mimic, DM-Lea, DM-Protracted, DM-Solo

The player with higher seed (1 is higher than 2) starts the mapvote process. Players must contact each other on Discord in a private chat and alternately ban (remove) maps until there are the correct number of maps for a match (1, 3 or 5).

Swiss Matches Round 1 - 3: Players ban maps until there is one left. The remaining one is played.
Swiss Matches Round 4-6 and Playoffs Quarterfinals: Each player bans 2 maps, then picks their map. The remaining one is the 3rd map.
Playoffs Semifinals: Each player bans 1 map. Then each player picks their maps.
Playoffs Finals: Each player picks the order of maps.

If a contestant is not ready to play 10 minutes after the scheduled match time, then they should be reported in Slant Discord channel #gameday.

Matches without reported result (on website) at the start time on next round will be force-closed. No objections are possible after that time. If you are late with your match, you must write that in #gameday.