All Assaults Low Node Domination Tournament #2, Season 5

By Pege and ZM_XL
Who has the best domination mode core strategies?

We will find out with this low node domination tournament, where only assault bots are allowed with only 25 nodes per bot.

The tournament starts on 18 April, so time to create or adapt your AIs to be only 25 nodes at the most. Assault bots only!

The format will be:

-Preliminary round: one game per player against a basic squad by the organiser. This is just to check for valid ais, and every deployed squad goes through even if it loses.

-League round: everyone plays everyone in this round. We will confirm how many teams progress from this round once we have total player numbers.

-Finals: single or double elimination round to determine the 1st, 2nd, 3rd spots.

If you have not played a tournament before, it's really simple! The main thing is you must deploy at very least your first match with a valid team, otherwise you get dropped from the event. You will have about 24 hours to reply the first match. There is a guide to tournament play here for more help;


Please do join us on the discord channel to ask questions, get updates and for general chat. Anyone new to domination mode can also check out this excellent new guide by Uzura.


Finally, there's an extra prize going for the bots with the best skins, because who doesn't like good looking bots?
Europe/Moscow (UTC+03:00)
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The prize credits will be split:
5,000 for 1st place
3,000 for 2nd place
1,000 for 3rd place

Best looking bots in the tournament bonus prize: 500 credits
#Confirmation round 2:AutoDeployTimeout=28800