Gladiabots Cup 2017.09 #2

By Pier4r
It is a tournament that, similarly to the unavoidable tournaments, wants to reward quality and activity.
Europe/Paris (UTC+01:00)
Honor and glory on the gladiabots forum. Plus hugs, a lot of virtual hugs.
After the registration, the player should mention the signup on the forum, to keep track of active users. (see link above)
For every match both players have to play __all__ the multiplayer maps (for private matches) available, and report the result (if possible on the forum with match id) unless both players agree on the result and they report it quickly.
If the players do not play:
+ the match is assigned to the player that played, within the days scheduled for the match, a ranked game.
+ If both players were active with ranked games, then the match goes to the player that played, in the 2 scheduled days, 5 or more ranked games.
+ If both players played at least 5 ranked games, then the match goes to the player that reached the highest score leaderboard score within those two days.
+ In any other case, the match ends in a draw. Unless one shows that he sent all the needed private challenges and the other player did not reply to them.

Example: Miojo and castlevania played only 4 matches. Yellow card to both. I know that castlevania deployed 4 matches, likely waiting the other 4 from miojo. Next time for such cases (where no one clearly wins more matches than the other making the complete deployment moot) I use the activity and the ranking, through which castlevania would have won, having played 5+ ranked games in those days.
In case of tie (by score) af the end of the tournament, the highest player will be decided using different methods.
Also please follow the thread on the forum, linked above, for further info.
all deployments and matches have to be played within the end date of the tournament.
the tournament starts either at the given date, or after the first day that there are no new registrations or when the slots are filled.