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Ballistix Masters Dota - LEG 1

By Ballistix Masters
South Africa Only
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Africa/Johannesburg (UTC+02:00)
Dota 2 – R60 000

1st place: R25 000

2nd place: R15 000

3rd place: R10 000

4th place: R5 000

5th place: R3 000

6th place: R2 000

Prizes brought to you by Crucial – Ballistix – Antec – Redragon

Before reading the rules below please make sure that you understand the following:

Standard Balistix Masters rules apply

Remember that when you view your group, those are the DEADLINE dates. meaning the match can be played before that date, but not after. The time posted is the DEFAULT time, this means, if the 2 teams can not agree to a specific time, then the match will default to the time posted. If the team then fails to pitch on the default time, they will forfeit the match.

Should you find conflicting rules or unclear information, it is your responsibility to contact the administrators for clarification before acting on the rules found within.

The Head Admins decisions are final and can even overrule the rules stated in all documents if deemed necessary. Head Admins have the authority to give out default losses for single games and matches. Head Admins can also ban a player from the tournament if deemed necessary.

Players are expected to keep up to date with the rule set at all times (It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure his players are up to date with the rules and fully understand them).

Please make certain that you have read the General Rules on our website