Clash World Cup - 3rd edition

Copa Mundial de Selecciones de Clash of Clans - Clash World Cup 3

By Ang, David, Mariel, mauri celeste
Online, Argentina, Uruguay y Venezuela
This is the world championship of Clash of Clans by national teams.

☆ The tournament aims to bring together the Clash of Clans’ world community in an environment of friendship and fair play, favoring contact, exchange and union between different cultures.

Basic principles
☆ Maintain respect, cordiality and friendship between all the protagonists of the event (players, captains, streamers, organization and general public) and in all areas of the event (streams, public and private chats).
☆ Promote fair play. Without detracting from the style of play that uses other computer resources to play, in this event the fair play modality has been chosen. Each player will only use the information provided by the game, without the use of other tools than their own skill, intuition and creativity.