Plan-G eSports Launch Lan
Playstation 4

Plan-G eSports Launch Lan

By Plan-G Gaming
Port Elizabeth
The FIFA 18 tournament will take place at the Plan-G eSports Launch Lan to accompany the CSGO as one of the featured tournaments.
Africa/Johannesburg (UTC+02:00)
1st Place: Goodies pack including prize and cash prize.
2nd Place: Goodies pack including smaller prize and smaller cash prize.
3rd place first to lose: Consolation Prize
IGR: FIFA 17 League Settings
All matches are to be played using the following settings:

Game Settings

Game Type Kick Off/Exhibition
Half Length 4 Minutes
Difficulty Level World Class
Defending Manual
Controls User Defined
Referee Random
Time of Day Day
Weather Dry
Game Speed Fast
Ball Default

Injuries On
Offsides On
Bookings On
Handball Off
Live Season Off
User & CPU Game Customisation All set to 50%

Team Restrictions

Players can use any club or national team.
Players cannot use any custom made teams (e.g. Classic XI).
Players can swap teams at any point during the tournament.

Formation Restrictions

Players can only use default formations.
Players cannot use custom formations.
Players can use custom tactics.
Players have four (4) minutes to prepare their tactics at the start of a match. Subsequent changes are time limited to thirty (30) seconds per change.

Players who start with four (4) players in defence and then go ahead or equalise in a game are not allowed to then immediately change their formation to five (5) in defence and lock down the game - this is against the spirit of the tournament.

Etiquette and Forbidden Moves

Players must kick-off with a backward pass at the beginning of each half and after every goal.
Players are not allowed to score goals from within their own half.
Players are not permitted to utilise the 'Kick Off Bug'.
Players wishing to make substitutions or alter free-kick options must wait until the ball is out of play before making any changes.
Players must not pause the game when the ball is in play.
Players must not keep the ball in defence by passing it around (i.e. time wasting).
Players are not permitted to take control of the goalkeeper in order to make the AI take control of the defence.
Utilisation of game play aspects widely regarded as providing an unfair advantage or bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Any player found to be using these or unsporting behaviour are to be removed from the tournament.