The Pot of Gold [$1000 Pool]

Golden League Presents: "The Pot of Gold"

Por Golden Leagues

•Entry Fee: $30 (Including Below)
-5 Main players
-3 Substitute Players (MAX)
-2 uses of emergency subs allowed (subs for only one game in which it is absolutely necessary)
-1 Coach

•Games played on FACEIT.

•Structure: Single Round Robin Groups (bo1) --> Double-Elimination Playoffs

•28 Teams

•Active Duty Map Pool

•Higher seeded team gets priority in playoff picks.

•The most competitive matches will be streamed with an average of 25 - 45 viewers!

•Top Casters and Production Management members receive payment to encourage quality.

•$25 - $50 in Stream Giveaways each tournament!


Planned Schedule (Consider most dates to not be flexible):

•Group Stages (5 Games per Team) Dates: February 22nd - March 7th
(Teams may customize their schedule upon discussion with other teams).

•Playoffs (WB Round 1) Dates: March 8th - March 11th (4 Days)

•Playoffs (WB Round 2) Dates: March 12th - March 15th (3 Days)

•Playoffs (WB Round 3 | LB Round 1) Dates: March 16th - March 18th (3 Days -- WB Teams have more flexibility)

•Playoffs (WB Round 3 | LB Round 2) Dates: March 19th - March 21st (3 days)

•Playoffs (WB Round 4 | LB Round 3) Dates: March 22nd - March 23rd (2 days)

•Playoffs (LB Round 4) Dates: March 24th - March 25th (2 Days)

•Playoffs (LB Round 5) Dates: March 26th - March 27th (2 Days)

•Playoffs (GF Round 1 & 2) Dates: March 28th (MAJOR GIVEAWAY)

Zona horaria
America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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--$1000 Prize Pool (If 24 teams)--
1st: $700
2nd: $200
3rd: $100
Check our discord for #rules!

We would love to have you!