KotS: Supremacy

King of the Sea: Supremacy

Par KotS: Supremancy
KOTS: Supremacy - North America's Premier World of Warships Competitive Tournament.
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America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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1st Place - 30 Days Premium, 2000 Doubloons, 30 FTW Camo
2nd Place - 30 Days Preimum, 1000 Doubloons, 25 FTW Camo
3rd and 4th Place - 30 Days Premium, 10 FTW Camo
5th through 8th Place - 3 Days Preimum, 10 FTW Camo
9th through 16th Place - 1 Day Premium, 10 FTW Camo
17th through 24th Place - 1 Day Premium, 5 FTW Camo
Capacity for 40 teams maximum to participate.
Tier X ships only.
9 vs 9, 1 CV, 2 BB limitation.
Ships in supertest or not generally accessible to players are forbidden.

Full Rule Set here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-6Y4HnZlroVYhS5fTNrebJkFH08mLO7J-Dozd9Lzi6g/edit#heading=h.c50vdy58ptss