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SWC - Premier League

Squad World Championship - Premier League

The Squad World Championship - Premier League is designed to represent the top level of organised competitive play currently available in Squad, featuring knockout rounds and the best teams from all around the world all competing for the illusive title of World Champion.

Team Size: 27v27
Gamemode: Advance and Secure (AAS)
Tournament Structure: Double Elimination Knockout
Fuseau horaire
UTC (UTC+00:00)
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World Champion Title Holder
Other Prizes TBA

Tournament Format:
Game mode: AAS
Size: 27vs27
Map format: Best of 1, winner based on total tickets.
Time limit: Map time limit.
Server settings: Tournament Settings forcing Shadows to Medium or higher and View Distance to high or higher.
1. General

These are the tournament rules for Squad World Championship Season 1. Tournament staff reserves the right to at any point add, change or remove rules during a season.
1.1. Player
A player may only play for one team in the tournament if registered with one of the participating teams. A player does not have to belong officially to a clan as long as they commit to only playing for that one team. Once a player plays a game for a team they registered as part of that team for the remainder of the season. A player can change teams once per season.

1.2. Standin / Mercenary rules

A Merc is a player that is officially registered and added to a roster to play as a substitute for teams on an as required basis. Teams are not allowed to pick their own Mercs.

There are no restrictions on how many games a Merc can play per round or season.
Teams are allowed to have a maximum of 5 Mercs playing for them per match at one time.
Mercs are not allowed to play as the Squad Leader.
Mercs are not allowed to play as crewman.

1.3.1. FORBIDDEN programs and configuration modifications

All players are forbidden to use any third party software that modifies Squad or Squads gameplay in any way. All players are forbidden to modify Squad in any way that is not possible with the ingame options.

Any player found tampering with their client will be permanently banned from the tournament and their team will forfeit the current season.

SWC staff reserves the right to ban players caught cheating outside of the competition should they see fit to do so.

2. Ongoing Game Rules

Players are not allowed to use any weapons which they aren’t supposed to by game design. For example having 2 scoped riflemen in a 5 man squad is not allowed. If a player leaves a 8 man squad while 2 LAT soldiers are active, leaving the Squad with 7 players that team will be punished. No player is allowed to play with a kit that shouldn’t be available. Any team found breaking this rule will be punished. Should a player lose connection to the game this rule is void until the player rejoins the server.
2.1 Glitch and Bug Abuse
Any sort of bug abuse is not allowed. Also unknown bugs are forbidden in the first place unless they are listed in the rules to be allowed. Positions where textures disappear in walls or grounds are forbidden.
List of known bugs which are strictly forbidden:
Water glitching: it is forbidden to use prone function when player is in the water, if player died in the water, he is obligated to stand up as soon as he get revived by a medic.
Wall glitching: it is forbidden to get inside walls or any other objects, or look through any objects that aren’t transparent.
Medic glitching: its is forbidden to heal with a medic bag or bandage a player through a wall.
Flipping of enemy vehicles using bugs
Killing vehicle crew inside vehicles using bugs.

In severe cases of bug and glitch use, it may result in technical defeat in a round or a match for a team.
2.2 Scoring and Match results
Two rounds are played on one map. After the first round is over teams switch and play the second round. Tickets of both rounds count for the end result. The team that has bigger amount of tickets after 2 rounds win the match. If after 2 played rounds teams have the same amount of tickets, team that has won its round faster than the other team wins.
3. General Match Rules
3.1. Before the match
3.1.1. Server choice
Both teams are encouraged to agree on match servers. Teams are allowed to play on any server they both agree on. Should teams not find agreements the following servers will be used:

Europe vs Europe: France

North America vs Europe: 1 game France - 1 Game New York / Montreal

Oceania vs Europe: Los Angeles / San José

North America vs Oceania: Singapore

South America vs Oceania: Los Angeles / San José

South America vs Europe: Los Angeles / San José

South America vs North America: Chicago

Oceania vs Oceania: Sydney

3.1.2 Time Selection.

Both teams are encouraged to find match times that fit them both. Team are allowed to play any day, any time during the week.

Should teams not find agreements which time to play the game will be played the the second sunday during the 14 day time window of the current tournament round at:

Europe vs Europe: 18.00 UTC

America vs Europe: 18.00 UTC

America vs America: 01.00 UTC

Oceania vs Europe: 09.00 UTC

America vs Oceania: 02.00 UTC

Oceania vs Oceania: 09.00 UTC

3.1.3. Confirmation readiness before the match start
Before the start of the match both teams must state that they are ready to start the match:
Before a map change teams have to confirm that they are ready for a map change to start to play a match. Matches will start no later than 5 minutes after match time regardless of player count on the server. Be on time.

After the map change, during a timer before actual start of the round, teams are allowed to cancel their readiness if they have a good reason for that(player dropped after the change of the map, someone is suddenly missing, etc.). Don’t abuse this rule if you don’t have a good reason, referees will be allowed to penalize teams(which abuse it) by tickets.
3.2. During the match
3.2.1. Server Crash
If a server crashes during a round, then the round has to be restarted unless it is agreed upon by the refs and both Team Captains that it was impossible for one team to beat the other.
3.2.2. Player Drop
When a player disconnects or leaves midway through the match, they must reconnect as soon as possible and if they cannot return, the team captain must state that they are getting a substitute player to join (all chat).
3.2.3. Change of players
Players can be changed at any time during the match. The new player has to fulfill all requirements and has to be eligible to play in the match. Team captain must state in all chat the intention.
3.3. After the match
3.3.1. Right to file a protest
Each team has a right to file a protest on the match discord chat. Only players/teams involved in a match are allowed to file a protest.