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Ambro Cup #5 - Beyond the Void

Par B2Expand and Scorpia
Online, EU server
The studio team and Scorpia are organizing a tournament on Beyond the Void just one month after the launch on Steam. Now that players have discovered the game and developed their own strategy it’s time to take up some challenges! Are you ready for battle, Captains?

In this tournament, all participants will receive a Nexiums (NXC) bonus!
This is our way of announcing the launch of our new online gaming store in December. There, you’ll be able to trade your Nexium for cosmetic items, such as outstanding spaceships skins or avatars.

Beyond the Void is a Free To Play PC game, MOBA / RTS in 1 versus 1, available on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/700570/Beyond_the_Void/

1. Signup on Toornament
2. Join our Discord: https://discord.me/btv #tournament (for communication purposes)
3. Wait for confirmation
4. During the tournament: record or stream your games (if it’s not possible, take a screenshot of your victory/defeat screen).
Then share them on the Community Hub on Steam.

Check-in on Saturday, November 24th, at 2:30pm
Fuseau horaire
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
Join Discord
- All participants* : 120 NXC + 0,005 ETH (about 3€)
- 3rd : 244 NXC + 0,005 ETH (about 5€)
- 2nd : 244 NXC + 0,005 ETH + Blue Excalibur skin (about 9€)
- 1st : 431 NXC + 0,005 ETH + Junkalibur skin (about16€)

- The Nexium (NXC) is a token used in our online store to buy cosmetics items like outstanding spaceship skins or avatars.
- The ETH token is used to pay transaction fees.
- Blue Excalibur is a common skin for the mothership Excalibur.
- Junkalibur is a legendary skin for the mothership Excalibur.

* If you register but do not show up to play your games during the tournament you’ll not receive any reward.

- Play all your games during the tournament
- Record or stream your games (if it’s not possible, take a screenshot of your victory/defeat screen) AND share at least 1 of them on the Beyond the Void Community Hub on Steam.
- We’ll contact you beginning of December via Discord, to send you the link of our brand-new gaming store. This way you’ll be able to create (or recover) your Nexarium wallet in order to receive your rewards (Nexium and/or skins).
This tournament is open to all players from the EU region. Players from the US region may join if their connection is sufficient.

EU server - Single Elimination, Best-of-One format.
Play fair, play well.

As the player who duels another player first picks his primary skill, players may determine by themselves who invite the other. If there is a conflict please ask Camille#0505 or Najib478#9765 on Discord to make a coin toss.

Check-in on Saturday, November 24th, at 2:30pm, on
- Toornament
- and BTV Discord channel #tournament
Tournament starts on Saturday, November 24th, at 3pm

Feel free to contact us on BTV Discord to ask us anything about the tournament or the game. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions :)

Contact: Camille#0505 (from BTV team) and Najib478#9765 (from Scorpia)