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SMASH League S1


Par Serenity Gaming
Online, Nintendo Online
Serenity Gaming SMASH League | Season 1
Season 1 will span the course of about 1 month.

This League is designed for the casual and seriously players of Serenity Gaming. A place for organized play, and a place to develop your SMASH skills!

By signing up you are committing yourself to be able to play 1 best of 3 schedule match per week.

We encourage all to take part, even invite your friends that love SMASH but may not own a Switch, they can join and play their matches at your place even.

Either way, have fun, learn something, enjoy the fellowship!
Fuseau horaire
America/Halifax (UTC-03:00)
Earn Rank Points for the Serenity SMASH Leader Board.
Winner will get their own colored Rank in Discord entitled 'SMASH Champion'

| Ranked Point Earnings |
Failed to make the Play Offs = 2 Points
5th - 8th Place = 5 Points
3rd & 4th Place = 10 Points
2nd Place = 15 Points
1st Place = 20 Points

Everyone one that participates earns points!
| How the League works |
- Round Robin Group Stage. (Should span about 3 weeks)
- There will be 4 groups of 4 players.
- You will play a best of 3 against each person in your group.
- You earn points for each best of 3 you win.
- The top 2 players from each group will move on to the play offs.
- The Plays offs are Single Elimination best of three bracket.
- The finals will be best of 5.

May the strongest nerd win!

| The Schedule |
- Week 1 games: Group Stage Round Robin
- Week 2 games: Group Stage Round Robin
- Week 3 games: Group Stage Round Robin
- Plays Offs: 8 Player Single Elimination Bracket
- Finals Week: Best of 5 between the last 2 contenders!

| How to Play in League |
- First sign up on Toornament site, please use your Discord or
Nintendo online name.
- Next register to Tournament.
- You will be scheduled to play match each week.
- Contact your opponent in Discord and schedule a time to play
- Do a coin flip in discord to determine who picks first map.*
- Play your best of 3, winner reports results on this site.
- Rinse and repeat.
- If there is a scheduling conflict, no pressure, just let me know when you will be able to schedule the match, if it drags on a little longer then the scheduled week that is ok.

*To Coin Flip type @@toss in discord

| The Rules |
- 3 Stock 7 Minutes
- Items set to OFF and NONE
- Final Smash Meter OFF
- Custom Balance OFF
- Map Hazards OFF

| Approved Stages |
- Battlefield
- Final Destination
- Smashville
- Pokemon Stadium 1
- Lylat Cruise
- Yoshi's Land - Brawl
- Kalos Pokemon League
- WarioWare
- Frigate Orpheon
- Castle Siege
- Dreamland
- Fountain of Dreams
- Green Greens
- Umbra Clock Tower
- Town and City
- Midgar

| Live Streamed Matches |
Making plans to bring back our Twitch Channel... If there is interest in supporting it. Let me know.

If its a go we will play to stream as many matches as possible, Finals would 100% be streamed.

| Questions? |
Message @h4rvey#6545 in discord
or email: iamh4rvey@gmail.com