The Arena PUBG Tournament

Par HellspawnGigas
All communications for this tournament are done through our discord server
Every Sunday at Noon PST we have our Solo Shootout
We play 3 rounds and we score points for kills and placement
The highest point total is declared winner of the tournament
Points are also accumulated monthly for our "Player of the Month"

4 tournaments + a Player of the Month award for a $5 monthly fee
Structure à déterminer.
Fuseau horaire
America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)
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The winner of each weekly tournament is awarded $25
The Player of the Month will be awarded $20

$5 fee for the month

as we gain more monthly subscriptions we will be adding duo's and squad tournaments.
Payouts are guaranteed regardless of number of sub's
In the event we don't get 10 player's the prize money will be distributed to the people who showed up equally rounded down to the nearest dollar amount.
All communication for this tournament will happen in our discord server
All transactions will be done via paypal
Lobbies for the tournament will be open 15 min prior to start time
Game name and password will be provided in the discord server
Games will start promptly @ start time
5 min grace period will be given if admin is contacted
Players are not required to play all rounds of a tournament - late entry into later rounds is permitted
In the event of a tie prize money will be split evenly

Point System
Placement Points
• 1st – 400 Points
• 2nd – 330 Points
• 3rd – 280 Points
• 4th – 240 Points
• 5th – 210 Points
• 6th – 180 Points
• 7th – 150 Points
• 8th – 120 Points
• 9th – 100 Points
• 10th – 80 Points
• 11th – 60 Points
• 12th – 40 Points
• 13th – 30 Points
• 14th – 20 Points
• 15th – 10 Points
• 16th – 0 Points

Kill Points
• 16 Points per Kil