SAC Smash Pro League

Ste. Anne Collegiate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro League! Come out and challenge fellow students for a chance at the ultimate prize!
Fuseau horaire
America/Chicago (UTC-06:00)
Title of SAC Smash Bros Champion 2019!
We are playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, on Nintendo Switch.
You may bring your own controller or use one of our pro controllers.

* 3-stocks
* Time limit: 5 minutes
* FS Meter: off
* Spirits: off
* Damage Handicap: Off
* Stage Selection: Random
* Items: Off
* Stage Morph: off
* Stage Hazards: off
* All characters allowed

Stages Allowed:
* Battlefield
* Final Destination
* Dreamland
* Yoshi's Story
* Fountain of Dreams
* Pokemon Stadium
* Yoshi's Island
* Lylat Cruise
* Smashville
* Unova Pokemon League
* Kalos Pokemon League
* Town and City