HOV pre-trial tournament #1

Hands of Victory pre-trial tournament #1

Par Aftermath Interactive
Participate in the first official Hands of Victory esport tournament celebrating the announcement of the game's public trial.

Time: Saturday, September 7 - 1pm ET / 7pm CET

To win you have to successfully navigate a three-round bracket overcoming three opponents in each stage.

To participate you have to first sign up for the game's trial on handsofvictory.com. Use the nickname chosen on sign-up to complete registration here.

This is a single-day event. The average length of a match is 12-15 minutes so prepare to set aside up to 2 hours in case you make it to the final.

Each round will be manually seeded as soon as the previous round is finished.

Once all brackets are seeded you will automatically be granted access to a special tournament area inside the game where your opponents will await.

Note. Things. May. Break. It's called a pre-trial for a reason :-/
Fuseau horaire
Europe/Stockholm (UTC+01:00)
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Total prize pool is:
$500 and 4000 Shark Points

Winner gets $300 and 2nd place gets $200.
All four finalists will also receive 1000 Shark Points each
All communication prior to during and after the event will be handled via discord. Signing up for our the Hands of Victory discord channel is a requirement.

Each round of bracket matches consists of two 4-player tournaments.

The player with the highest combined score from the two tournaments will go through.

You have to play a different character in tournament 1 and 2 of each round but you can play the same character in multiple rounds.

You can add any available Edge to your build regardless of character, round and game (1 or 2).

Any blatant attempt to exploit unintended imbalances will lead to forfeiture.

Changes to these rules, Edge functionality, the scoring system and dates may be implemented at any time.

Prizes will be paid our via PayPal or bank transfer.