3v3 Smite Community Cup #1
PCXbox One

Smite Community Cup #1 : 3v3 conquest

Par SuPr3m3_85
Tournament is BO1 till final that will be played in BO3.

Crossplatform is authorised (PC,Xbox, Switch).

Captain's presence on Discord mandatory : https://discord.gg/supr3m385 then #smite-community-cups channel for communication
Structure à déterminer.
Fuseau horaire
Europe/Paris (UTC+02:00)
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Lobby Creation:
The Lobby must be created with the following settings:
Match Selection: Conquest

Name: Determined by the Team creating the Lobby.
Password: Determined by the Team creating the Lobby.
Spectator Password: Determined by an Administrator.
o Enabled if both teams agree. MUST be enabled if requested by a caster of the project.
Team Size: 3v3
God Picking Method: Draft-Competitive
Starting Level: Level 1
Starting Gold: 1500
Pause Type: Normal
Bonus Time: 90
Region: Europe
Allow Spectators/Record Demo: On
Spawn Lane Minions: On
Low-Delay Spectate Mode: Off

Captains can report their team's score.