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#TeamUnashamed Streamer World Cup Fortnite Tournament

Par Life.Church Gaming
Online, https://twitch.tv/team/unashamed
Team Unashamed Vision: To bring together like minded & influential Christian streamers so that we can partner with one another to have a positive impact on Twitch & beyond.
Fuseau horaire
America/Cancun (UTC-05:00)
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Community Games:
1st Place: Victory Royale Medal
2nd Place: 2nd Place Medal
3rd Place: 3rd Place Ribbon

Streamer vs Streamer:
Unashamed World Cup Traveling Trophy!
(1) Integrity First, Streamer: Keep count of individual/team points & eliminations
(2) No stream sniping
(3) Must be streaming
(4) Must utilize Discord, so you can be pulled into interviews

(1) Total points scored
(2) Total Victory Royales
(3) Total eliminations
(4) Average placement