ChallengeZone Invitational

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Welcome to ChallengeZone Invitational Esports center brought you by Future Esports!

Note: bear in mind that by registering it doesn't mean you have been accepted to participate in the LAN tournament.
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Asia/Riyadh (UTC+03:00)
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Total Prizes: 20,000 SAR

First Place: 10,000 SAR
Second Place: 5,000 SAR
Third Place: 3,000 SAR
forth Place: 2,000 SAR
- Tournament date is 22 to 24 of August

- Participating Teams required to arrive in 21 of august for Media day (Players will be taken pictures to use for Stream and social media, Wearing Jerseys is a must!)

- Participation is limited to Arabs.

- Double elimination bracket

- Best of one till Grand Final

- Best of 3 Grand Final

- Default server: EUW

- Map Pool:
1- Bank
2- Border
3- Clubhouse
4- Coastline
5- Consulate
6- Kafe Dostoyevsky
7- Villa

- Game Settings:
Time of the Day: Day
HUD Settings: Pro League
- Match Settings
Number of Bans: 4
Ban Timer: 15
Number of rounds: 12
Attacker/Defender role swap: 6
Overtime: 3 rounds
Overtime Score Difference: 2
Overtime role change: 1
Objective rotation parameter: 2
Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
Attacker unique spawn: On
Pick Phase Timer: 15
6TH Pick Phase: On
6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15
Reveal Phase Timer: 5
Damage handicap: 100
Friendly fire damage: 100
Injured: 20
Sprint: On
Lean: On
Death replay: Off

- Game Mode: TDM BOMB
Plant duration: 7
Defuse duration: 7
Defuse Carrier Selection: On
Fuse time: 45
Preparation Phase Duration: 45
Action Phase Duration: 180

- By agreeing to compete in ChallengeZone Invitational , you are granting Future Esports the right to use your image and likeness in any Future Esports promotional content.

- by agreeing to participate in ChallengeZone Invitational, You are confirming that you will arrive and participate in ChallengeZone Gaming center in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

- Fail to arrive to the tournament will result in disqualification, and possibly banned to participate in future tournaments.

- Teams need to provide Organization Bank details for faster transfers at:

- Payments will be send to the winners in maximum 60 days