Rookie Duel Cup 5

Par Rocket Jump Zone
Rookie - up to Gold 5, timelimit duel

Casters: Kaapeli47, Taka
Stream (ENG) -

Tournament start:
Nov 1 (Friday), 8PM CET (2PM EST)

Check in:
7:00 - 7:45PM via Toornament


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Fuseau horaire
Europe/Bratislava (UTC+01:00)
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donations during the tournament: (streamlabs)

1st place:
50% of the prize pool
gold trophy to your profile

2nd place:
20% of the prize pool
silver trophy to your profile

3rd place:
10% of the prize pool
bronze trophy to your profile

20% to support Rocket Jump Zone

note: if you win less than €2 it will be put on hold (due to paypal fee)
Best of 1: Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Tiebreaker
Best of 3: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Tiebreaker

- Bo1 or Bo3? See group label
- I'm Diamond 4, can I play? no, wait for a Beast cup (Diamond & Elite)
- Who bans a map first? Lower seed
- Who picks a champ first? Higher seed
- Mirror Champs allowed? NO
- Which server? EU CENTRAL by default unless EU EAST better for both
- Can I cointoss instead? Sure, use
- Discord? Yes, join so we can validate you. Then be present in #competitive room during the tournament.

Timelimit Duel: 10 minutes
Score Limit: 100

Blood Covenant
Blood Run
Corrupted Keep
Ruins of Sarnath
The Molten Falls
Vale of Pnath