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Bardos Gunfight Bash!

Par @Theebeardedbard
This is a Single Elimination Gunfight Tournament.
Grab your best Wingman and play other Pros for a chance at some great Prizes!
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America/Los Angeles (UTC-08:00)
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The winning Duo will each receive the Following:

$100 each (payed via Paypal,Venmo,steam)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Huge Crate Box Exclusive Merchandise Pack

Merch will be Delivered by the 25th. Prize Money will be delivered Immediately.
There will be discord links going out prior to matches. 1 match will be played at a time winners will progress through the bracket. Because of the small map size and quickness of matches you are free to stream your match if you choose with or without a latency. The game will be cast from my channel as well from spectator mode.

Once your team is out you are eliminated. Teams are randomly placed on the tree by order of registration time.

If your playing on a console please let us know ahead of time. All players will be required to add me on Battlenet so I can invite you into each round before they start.