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Try to qualify to be the worthy Belgian representatives for the EMF European Cup from May 18 to 24 !

All players must log into DISCORD (required) !

Saturday (128--> 1)

the tournament starts at 2 p.m.
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Europe/Brussels (UTC+01:00)
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1.1. The FIFA20 tournament will be played in ONLINE FRIENDLY mode. The format is 1 vs 1. The console – PlayStation4.

1.2. Settings: game speed - normal, squad type - online, defending: tactical, half duration – 6 min.

1.3. Participants can use what team they want (national or club). It is forbidden to use th teams Classic XI or World XI.

1.4. Participants can change the team they use during the tournament.

1.5. If there is a disconnection during a game, the players will start another match and will play the remaining time. The goals scored in the remaining time will be added to the goals from the first match. In such cases, participants should notify the tournament manager (refferee) before starting the second match (remaining time). He will offer a final solution and will decide what to do.

1.6. Each participant should be at age of - no limitation/14+/16+ (we didn’t decide it btw).

1.7. Each participant should be the citizen or the resident of the country he represents. Belgian only.

3.1. Playoffs (128--> 1). Each duel will consist from two matches (Best of 2). Each player will host (send the invitation to play) the game one time. No goal away.

3.2. At the end of those matches, the winner should enter the result on the discord. The final result is the sum of the goals scored in those two matches (for example: 1-0, 0-2, the final score will be: 1-2). If the second player thinks that the score introuduced by his opponent is wrong, he can rise an issue and he can introduce the proper score on the discord.

3.3. If after the two played matches the cumulative score is a draw (ex: 2-0, 2-4 = 4:4) a third match will be played (away goals don’t count). This third match will be played . If the third match ends with 0-0, another match will be played (golden goal)

3.4. Be ready to take a screen shot or to record your game in order to prove your point if an issue occurs.

4.1. If two players can’t connect to play the game, the winner will be decided randomly by the organizer.
It is forbidden to use th teams Classic XI or World XI.

5.1 : Thoses rules can change before the toornament if the organizer need it.