Manage and share your tournaments

Powerful Feature Set

  • All formats supported : brackets, groups, swiss rounds
  • Management of your free or paid registrations
  • API friendly to communicate with games
  • Responsive widgets for your website
  • Free mobile app for your participants
  • Dedicated HD Toornament TV for your event and streams

Already used by 20,000 organizers, including…

Blizzard, DreamHack, eSports World Convention, Super Evil Megacorp, Ubisoft, Gamers Assembly, Millenium, Republic Of Fighters, HearthPwn, Meltdown, GamingDK, BYLAN, eSports Arena, Swecup eSports, Area52
double brackets

Multiple Format Management

Single or double brackets, swiss system, league play, round robin groups… A complete array of structures is supported, even multi-stage, so you can organize your very own tournament or league model.

Embeddable Widget for your Site

Extend the reach of your tournament with our widgets, which display live results such as scoreboards, tournament advancement, streaming and V.O.D. They’re as content-deep as they are easy to embed. Think about a responsive, interactive YouTube video.

widget toornament

Paid Registration cash-in and withdraw

If you decide to run an event with paid registration, Toornament can handle the whole process. Working with secure and reliable partners, we take care of all cash receipt and reimbursement, saving you financial headaches.

Learn more about Paid Registration