Sinobii's Battleground Invitational #1 - 2019/09

Organizator: Sinobii
Registration to this (PC) event is open to any registered Battleground Ladder Competitor (PC Division) who has earned an invitation in ANY of the following ways:

A. Win an invitation based on performance in a Battleground Qualifier Tournament this season

B. Be ranked in the Top [25] of the Battleground Ladder as of 11:00 AM EST on the first calendar day of the month in which the event is held (to prevent camping a high ELO rating, after qualifying in this way to participate in any SBI, the player must participate in at least [4] BQT's before qualifying in this way again.)

C. Place in the Top [8] of any qualified Major Event since the last SBI
(qualified Majors Events currently include: Sinobii's Battleground Invitational and the King Puff Cup - since there has not yet been a "last SBI" for SBI #1, Top 8 in ANY KPC prior to SBI #1 qualifies for an invite to SBI #1!)

This event will be held Sunday, September 1st, 2019. If you have qualified in any of the above ways, be sure to register in advance! Check-in starts at 11:30AM EST, Stream starts around 12:00 noon EST, and check-in closes/event should start around 12:30 EST.

If you are not already a registered Ladder Competitor, registration is FREE! Visit our discord at and follow ALL of the instructions found in the the #how-ladder-works channel to register as a Ladder Competitor!
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America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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Winner: $100 USD, or choice of any Tier 5 or lower item from the reward pool, and an extremely rare DYNASTY MORELLIA SKIN!! (Not Milloween!)
2nd place: $50 USD, or choice of any Tier 4 or lower item from the reward pool
3rd/4th place: $25 USD, or choice of any Tier 3 or lower item from the reward pool
5th-8th place: 1,250 rubies, or choice of any Tier 2 or lower item from the reward pool
ALL other participants: choice of any Tier 1 item from the reward pool, EXCLUDING items that require shipping
The SBI will be Swiss format, with a cut to a Top-8 single elimination Playoff bracket, using standard Ladder Match rules.

[EDIT: A number of qualified players had to cancel due to last minute IRL situations, so swiss rounds will not be necessary/will cut straight to Top 8 Playoff!]

If a tiebreaker is needed to determine who makes the cut to the Top 8 Playoffs of the MAIN EVENT, LADDER ELO IS THE TIE-BREAKER! (A Higher ELO may be an advantage to make the cut to the Playoffs.)

Standard Ladder Match rules for the current (AUGUST) Season:
Just like in normal ranked mode, you may start by queuing any Legal Deck (master/cards) you choose in the best of 3 series.
Your opponent has no idea what you're playing!

When you win your first game in the series, you must play the SAME MASTER/DECK the next game. When you lose your first game in the series, you may use any any Legal Deck you want (the same, different, or slightly changed as the one you just lost with.)

However, for the deck to be a Legal Deck, it must follow these limitations:
Banned Cards : [NONE currently banned.]
Banned Heroes: [NONE currently banned.]
Weigh in on what to ban/not ban in the #ladder-discussion channel on our discord!