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Organizator: EGF
Strefa czasowa
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Brak informacji o nagrodach.
Participants: MAAC and BIG EAST Schools
Tournament format: Single Elimination
Series Format: Best of 5

Players must adhere to the EGFC Code of Conduct (https://www.egf.gg/egfc-code-of-conduct)

All communication between players and admins will take place through the EGFC official Discord Server.

Teams must use the EGFC Discord for voice communication while in game.

If playing in a broadcasted match, the EGFC producer will create the lobby, select settings, and invite each team once completed.

Select “Play” from the main menu
Select “Private Match”
Select “Create Private Match”
Use the following lobby settings
Game Mode: Soccer
Arena: DFH Stadium or mutual choice
Team size: 3v3
Bot difficulty: No bots
Mutators: None
Match time: 5 minutes
Region: US East or West depending on your team’s division
Joinable by: Name/Password
Platform: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One
Select “Create Match”
Name the match “(your school name) vs (opponent’s school name) and set appropriate password

Players may use any standard compatible controller or mouse/keyboard combination while competing. Macro functions and modified controllers are not permissible.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, teams will play on US-EAST servers.

Server Crash:
In the event of a game server crash, the match will be restarted using the original settings and picks/bans/side selection if applicable to the specific game.

Teams are responsible for ensuring their choices are exactly the same as the disconnected match during the remake, to the best of their ability, and any deviation from this is considered unfair play and will be dealt with accordingly.

Player Disconnect:
If a player disconnects, only the Captain (or a designated player if the Captain disconnects) of the disconnected player’s team may pause the game. The pause for either team may not exceed a total of fifteen (10) minutes per match. If a team pauses for longer than fifteen minutes total within a match, the pausing team will forfeit that round.