XV Tournament

XV Tournament

Por XV Socials
Welcome to XV's first R6 tournament.

_ Single elimination rounds playing best out of 3

_ Maps are picked between team captains using https://www.mapban.gg
*Link will be provided at the start of the matchups*

_ All operators are permitted unless banned.

_ Players must consist of a 5 man team with at least 1 reserve player in case a player is
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America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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There are no prizes as this is our first event, naturally once we know how this one goes we'll do prizes of varying sizes.

- Cheats and Macros are obviously not allowed.

- Swapping players mid-match is not allowed.

- Streaming is permitted however, a delay (108) to your stream is a requirement
as to prevent competitors from watching your stream also provide links to your stream.

- all team members (with the exception of the reserves) must be in the discord.


- read the rules channel to avoid issues

- If your discord username is different than your Ubi username, please let us know so we can
put your username between parentheses ().

- For communications, you will be assigned a TEAM-## role for the tournament.

- all teams are to be expected to show up within 5 minutes after being called.

[in game]

- The use of the "all chat" is fine but ONLY between rounds/games.