3v3 knockout tournament for bronze 1 - Gold 3

A standard 3v3 knock out tournament for those unsung heros of Rocket League, filthy casuals.

Open for anyone up to Gold 3. No unranked players please, If youre unranked just play the 10 games and get placed.

If there is good interest in this tournament we might arrange a filthy casuals league over Jan/Feb
Europe/Dublin (UTC+01:00)
The glowing pride that comes with having won a Rocket League tournament
standard knock out tournament fixtures, best of 3 wins and progresses.

open for anyone from bronze 1 to gold 3. There will be a second ladder for those teams knocked out in round 1 so you are guaranteed 2 games!

If you dont show up for matches within 10 minutes a walkover is awarded

It's just for fun so no rules really about conduct or chat so feel free to get rekt.

may the best noobs win