KEL Summer 2018

KEL Summer 2018

By Kingston's eSports League
Online, Servers hosted in Chicago
IF THE TOURNAMENT IS FULL YOU CAN STILL REGISTER, you will play if enough teams join to make the tournament larger or if any of the teams already signed up withdraws from the tournament.

A CSGO Tournament for MG-LE and max B ESEA. If you want to contact me join the discord or add me on discord. There is a $15 entry fee and a $105-165 prize pool depending on how many teams join. Castors needed (sign up on website)

Add me on discord: Kingston pug#7558

Scheduling and general info
-Schedule already released
-Matches played on popflash
-Active duty map pool
-Max rank LEM and B ESEA
-The schedule will not be changed unless both teams cannot play
-Teams have 10-20 minutes to show up before they have to forfeit

Group Stage
-Round Robbin Groups
-2 groups of 4
-2 teams advance per group
-Map veto is BAN, BAN, BAN
-A coin flip determines who bans first
-Sides are chosen by knife round

-Single elimination BO3 with 4 teams
-Map veto is BAN, PICK, BAN
-Higher seed bans second
-Sides are chosen by knife round

Flag icons from
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Join Discord
Pay through PayPal or skins (add on discord to pay)
Must pay by the 14th of June (or within 2 days if you register later)
15$ entry fee
if 8 teams join
$105 total
1st $75
2nd $30

If 6 teams join
$75 total
1st $55
2nd $20

(if only 12 teams join 1st $100 $45 2nd, if 16 teams join $165 total $100 first $50 second $15 third)


Table of contents
1- Communication
2- In-Game
3- Cheating
4- Schedule
5- Punishment

1- Communication
1.1- Discord is the official method of communication for organizers and teams.
1.2- The captain of each team must be in the discord.
2- In-game
2.1- No casual chatting in the game chat (things like ns, gg, glhf, gh, etc. are allowed). Violation of this rule multiple times will result in a Warning.
2.2- If you have issues (Ex. player lagging, player disconnects, etc) the match will not be stopped, The player can reconnect if they can.
2.3- Players should use nickname they were registered in.
3- Cheating
3.1- No smurfs, Violation of this rule will result in Temp Ban of the smurf.
3.2- No unregistered players until they are approved by an admin. Violation of this rule will result in a Warning for the team captain if the unregistered player is a smurf the captain will receive 2 Warnings and the match will be overturned.
3.3- No external cheats. Violation of this rule will result in a Perma Ban for the cheating player and any game they played in that can be overturned will be.
3.4- No major or game-breaking exploits, if you have a question about the legality of an exploit or glitch ask an admin. If an admin asks you to stop using a specific bug or bans a specific bug, it will be treated as a major exploit. Violation of this rule will result in 2 warnings for every player on the team.
3.5- Suspected cheaters will have demos reviewed by admins and if they are found to be cheating they will receive a Perma Ban.
4- Schedule
4.1- Teams have around 15 minutes after the agreed time to get a team together after the scheduled time before being forfeited.
4.2- All players must be registered before the tournament starts.
4.3- Teams can play with one unregistered player as long as they are approved by an admin.
5- Punishments
5.1- A player that has accumulated 3 warnings in 3 months will be given a temp ban.
5.2- A player that has accumulated 2 Temp bans will receive a permanent ban from KEL.
5.3- Temp Bans last 3 months after the event they were banned from.