TCA Community Cup #1

TCA Community Cup #1

By TCA Esports
This is the 1st Cup organized by TCA Esports. This cup is for semi-professional teams.

Participating requirements:
- The team's avarage rank should be at least Gold Nova 1, and maximum LEM, at the start of the tournament (will be checked).
- The team can change players during the Cup, but there need to be at least 3 players from the original lineup each match and they need to contact the staff.
- The team should tell the nationality of all of its players (team flags)

Other usefull information:
- If the match's date is not good for the team, they need to contact the staff.
- Top 6 will be automaticaly invited to the 2nd Cup.
- The matches will be hosted on private servers, but if there are technical issues, the match can be played on popflash.

- Double Round-Robin Groups (Bo2 matches)
- The team with most points will secure a spot in the playoffs (per Group)
- The team with the 2nd most points will secure a spot in the playoffs (per Group)
- Double Elimination Bracket with Bo3 matches (Seeding: Group A #1 vs Group B #4 ; Group A #2 vs Group B #3)

For more information, check out our discord server:
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
- Any cheating of any kinds will result a permanent ban, from the Cup, and from all events, what's organized by TCA Esports.
- Jump throw script is allowed
- Players can stream their matches, with at least 1 and a half minute delay.