Pyroen's Alpha ($150)

Pyroen's Free Entry $150 Prize pool Alpha tourney

By Pyroen
1st place $100
2nd place $50

Join this discord:(Official Swarmio Discord)

Keep in mind this is an alpha tournament so issues may come up. Reading the rules under #rule channel will answer most of your questions. If not, message me on discord. (On the Swarmio Discord - Pyroen#8059)

Bracket is FINALIZED 15 minutes before the tourney time. Under the participants tab, if you see a red caution triangle icon on your team name, it means your team isn't ready and you will not be in the bracket. If you don't see your team under participants, it means your team isn't entered into the tournament. We recommend Registering Early so you are ready to win on game day!

(Tournament is open to all but is set as a Tournament Draft - So Please insure you have at least 28 Champions to be eligible to join the lobby)
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
$100 for first place team
$50 for 2nd place team
Step 1: Register on our site:
Step 2: Link League of legends to the website (found on the right side under PLAY)
Step 3: Team captain must create a team
Step 4: Team captain must add all team members to team (each member must give team captain the swarmio username)
Step 5: Team members must all accept notification in being apart of the team
Step 6: Team captain must joint he tournament with team
Step 7: Team captain must invite all players within the team to the tournament
Step 8: Team members must all accept notification to be apart of the tournament