Rivals of Ixalan Sunday
Not a video game

Rivals of Ixalan Pre Release Sunday 1pm

By Games For Us
Games For Us Mauston, WI
This is event will be held at Sunday @ 1pm January 14th

Entry Fee: $30.00 Person each event = 1 deck box, Dice 6 booster packs ( 4 Rivals of Ixalan 2 Ixalan) Plus prizes and a chance to find the TREASURE!
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
Prize Payout.
Grand Prize (Playmat, Deck Box, Sleeves & 1st Place Medal)

4/0/0 = (8 Packs)
3/0/1 = (5 Packs)
3/1/0 = (4 Packs)
2/1/1 = (3 Packs)
2/2/0 = (2 Packs)
All other Places will receive 1 Pack from Standard Block or any pack $3.99 and under
Build a deck a 40 card deck or more using all 6 booster packs
All cards in your packs may be used or swapped around if your deck is not performing the way you expected it to.

40 Card Deck with all other cards as a your sideboard

4 Swiss rounds (best 2 out of 3 ) 50 minutes each round

50 Minutes to build your deck.

Deck Building starts right as the event starts.

No outside cards are to be used, only cards pulled from the 6 booster packs.