Overwatch CyPhaCon2018

LAG Presents Overwatch @CyPhaCon2018

By Lake Area Gamers/LAG
Cyphacon 2018 Scion Esports Gaming Room @Lake Charles Civic Center
LAG-Lake Area Gamers is Proud to be the Sponsor of the Overwatch Tournament at Cyphacon 2018 in the Scion Esports Gaming Arena. Sign ups for teams will be until 9am on Saturday April 7th on opening of the tournament. The Tournament will begin set up at 10am and first round should start at 1030am unless all first teams are there and ready to go. We want to move the tournament along as streamlined as possible.
Double Elimination Bracket.
-Winner Takes all-

PLEASE NOTE: Brigitte will not be allowed in Tournament play as she will not have been out for the alloted 30 days by the time of the tournament.

Tournament Starts at 10am.
-You must have Registered, and PAID for registration before you compete.
-Registration is $30 per 6 man team and $40 per 8 man team
($5 per person per team up to 8 people on the team)
Registration fee is CASH ONLY at the site.
We ask that you pay your registration Friday evening if possible.
-Check in and registration will be at the LAG booth.

-You must be present and ready 15 minutes before your team is to compete.
-If you are not ready upon time of your match you will be issued a loss to that round.
-If you have alternates to swap in your team you are allowed to swap between matches, not rounds.
-Every team is asked to check in by Saturday Morning.
-Teams are allowed to use controllers on the PC however please make sure you bring your own and that you know how to set yourself up.

Your T.O. is JeanPaul Goodloe(TheeJP)
Your T.A. is Kevin Verett (Teli)

-There will be other staff there to assist you.
-Referees have final say on all calls.
-Please be respectful of all teams and all players, any flaming, trolling, or general poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
-Please be respectful and be there to compete and have fun.

-We will be using the same rulest as Scion Esports minus the map structure. we will be using a revamped structure for maps.

Stage 1
America/Chicago (UTC-05:00)
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Winner Take All. Prize pool Dependant on registration and other resources. TBA at a closer date.