Copenhagen Games 2018 - League of Legends tournament

By League Championship Denmark / Copenhagen Games
Online, Bellacenter - Copenhagen
Copenhagen Games anno 2018 - League of Legends tournament

Top 4 from each group advance, with a #1 to #4 seed, and are paired as such:

Grp 1 #1 vs Grp 2 #4

Login -> Go to your match -> press it -> top right corner there is a tournament code -> Copy it

Open League client -> Press play -> Press cup icon -> Paste tournament code and enter lobby

If there are any issues contact an admin

Tiebreakers are determined by internal match up results
Europe/Copenhagen (UTC+02:00)
Prizepool: 20.000 DKK currently
1.1 Copenhagen games League of Legends tournament enforces riot's terms of use:";.

1.2 Teams must have a representative in the custom game lobby 15 min. before game time, with the last player joining at the latest 5 min. before the start of the game.

Failure to comply can lead to forfeit

1.3 appropriate sportsmanlike behaviour is to be expected from everyone participating

Failure to comply can result in rulings

Left/Top/Highest seed = Blue side
Right/Bottom/Lowest seed = Red side

2.1 Join the given match under your scheduled match on the toornament bracket

How to:
Log in to toornament -> Click your match -> In the upper right corner copy your tournament code
Log in to League client -> Click "play" -> Press the little cup in the upper right corner and paste your copied tournament code into the field.

2.2 Admins can always extend the game's start time, if there are external forces at play, fx. network issues

Do not try to force free win scenarios, always do your best so that every game will be played correctly, and in due time.

3.1 A team is deemed the winner when having destroyed their opponents nexus, or if the opponent team surrenders

3.2 Remakes are allowed in case of placeholders, and technical difficulties.
Remakes are also allowed with wrongfully picked masteries/runes/summoner spells, should the other team allow it.

Admins should ALWAYS be informed when a remake takes place.

3.2b Placeholdes must be informed instantaneously to the other team, as well as casters/admins

3.3 The tournament is being played on the EU West server.

3.4a A game has to be started 15 min. at the latest after the pre-scheduled starting time.
If there are issues in terms of delays, or other issues such as netowork, these eventualities should be informed to an admin, who will then assess the situation.

3.4b If a team hasn't shown up or are ready 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, this is grounds for an instant loss, unless the admins have postponed the game due to for instance network issues.

3.5 The tournament format is as follows: (This is subject to change depending on number of participants)
1. Group stage - top 2 from each group advances to play-offs
2. Quarter finals are being played as Best of 3's
3. Semi finals and finals are being played as Best of 5's

Coaches are not allowed to communicate with their teams during the games, as they will act as an eagle eye/6th man.
Nor are coaches allowed to communicate with their team during pause

4.1 If one is disconnected in champion select, the game has to be remade, and the champions selected/banned up to the point of the disconnect have to be the same.

4.2 If a player disconnects in game, the game has to be paused asap.

4.3 If 2 or more players have been disconnected, admins have to be contacted imediately

5.1 A team can pause a maximum of 5 minutes before having to contact an admin

5.2 Before a game can resume, both teams have to state they are ready in the game chat.

5.3 a maximum of 3 game pauses can occur before contacting an admin.

6.1 A team consists of 5 players, but it allowed to have substitutes registered up to a maximum of 10 total team members.

6.2 Tournament admins can spectate any given game in the tournament, and canno't be refused in this.

6.8 Any player can only make us of ONE registered account the entire tournament.

7.1 The following is not allowed:

Disconnecting on purpose

Playing on an account you do not yourself own.

Losing the game(s) on purpose


Inside betting, from neither players, organisation or personel

third party programs.

8.1 Tournament admins have final say in any given tournament matter.

9.1 League Championship Denmark has monopoly on streaming in cooperation with Copenhagen Games the entire tournament

Games that aren't being streamed by LCD, can be allowed to be streamed should teams approach the admins beforehand.

9.2 Players and coaches on the playing teams, are not allowed to chat in the stream chat
( when they are in champ select or in game.

Furthermore they are not allowed to write in the stream chat before the game has ended on stream.

Failure to comply can result in rulings.

10.1 The admins retain the right to changes.