Atlic Cup (season one stage 2)

By Atlic Organisation
Hello, welcome to our new tournament page. This is where you can register to take part in our tournament. The tournament will be taking place at 16:00 CET on the 17th of march. The prize is listed down below

After each season all 4 stages we will count the points for each team and get the best 8!
And they go to the playoffs!
Europe/Stockholm (UTC+02:00)
Teams who place 1st gets a role named: Stage 1 Winners! and a ticket to Atlic Master Cup! 2nd place gets a ticket to Atlic Master Cup. There can u win double the points!

Then the 1st 2nd 3rdand 4th gets points for season one playoffs and the the 8 teams that have most points go to Atlic Season One Playoffs!
1st: 10 Points
2nd: 7 Points
3rd: 5 Points
4th: 3 Points

After each stage we will count the points for each team and get the best 8!
And they go the playoffs for who is the best in season one!
Single elimination:
Quarter final best of 1
Semifinal best of 3
Final best of 5

If the opponents do not show up within 15 minutes of the tournament starting, the other team will be awarded the whole series
Admin: Ziry: ZǏȒŶ | Noah "Ziry"#8142
Admin: Lynrax: ĿŶNȒǍX#5953
Admin: Azul#5582
Contact Ziry if you need more information!

Map selection:
All maps are allowed. The casters choose the first map, and the losing team of that map shall choose the next one.

Game Settings:
Competitive mode, with killcam off