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Lombard Gaming Solo's Cup

By Lombard Gaming
Lombard gaming welcomes you to our first Fortnite competition. The competition is in a swiss format to allow us to host this Fortnite tournament here at Toornament. The competition will consist of 5 rounds where the top players from each group will proceed to the next round where we have all the top players play out in one game to crown our grand champion!

Website // lombard.net.au
Discord // https://discord.gg/5axeByv

*** Please note that this tournament will begin when 200 participants have entered AND when custom matchmaking becomes available. We will announce on our Discord and website when exactly the tournament will begin if custom matchmaking becomes available before the start date specified here ***
Australia/Perth (UTC+08:00)
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There are no prizes.
1) Please join our Discord channel to remain updated regarding this competition (https://discord.gg/5axeByv)
2) The competition is open to PC and PS4 players
3) When registering for this tournament, please supply your correct Epic ID so that admins can do their checks regarding player K/D ratios for group placements. Discrepancies in the player name being provided and that found on screenshots will lead to you being expelled from the competition.
4) Screenshots of the end of the match will be required for admins to give each team the correct amount of points. You could risk losing out on kill points if screenshots are not provided and remember it must show your name!
5) POV streaming IS permitted for group matches, not for finals!