Летняя лига|Summer League

Игра которая поможет узнать, сильна ли Ваша команда, сможет ли она выиграть турнир!
A game that will help to know whether your team is strong, whether it will be able to win the tournament!
Europe/Moscow (UTC+03:00)
Вы сразитесь с другими командами и узнаете кто сильнее Ваша команда или другая!!!
You will fight with other teams and find out who is stronger than Your team or the other!!!
1. Generalities.
Discipline: DotA2
Competition mode: 4X4
2. The system implementation.

2.1. The latest version at the time of the tournament
2.2. Mod-cm.
2.3. The order of peaks and bans is determined by the game mode.
2.4. The winning team has the right to choose the side.
2.5. If teams meet for the second time during the tournament, they change sides depending on the previous meeting.
2.6. Tournament table on the system: Double Elimination

3. The rules of the games.
3.1. Duration of the game-to determine the winner.
3.2. The winner of the game is the team that will completely destroy the enemy castle (World Tree at Radiant and Frozen Throne at Dire) or force him to surrender (exit from the game 2 or more people).
3.3. At the end of the game, the captain of the winning team must save and provide the referee with a record of the game id or screenshot confirming the victory in the game.
3.4. If the team stops the game (pauses), the opposing team resumes the game (after obtaining the consent of the first team) or the referee.
4. Bugs, restrictions and foul play.
4.1. For the use of bugs cards, the team can get a technical defeat in the game.
4.2. Limits on the number of items:
no restrictions, except restrictions provided by the game mod.
4.3. It is forbidden to use the following characters: no restrictions.
4.4. Dishonest game is considered: the use of programs that hack the game and / or cards (map hack, drop hack, trainer, etc.).);
4.5. After the first violation of the rules of the team party, her depending on the severity of the violation, may be given a warning or will forfeit the current game. After the second violation, the team will be disqualified.
4.6. Creepskip is allowed (spelli to stopit creeps).
4.7. Backdoor is ALLOWED for all towers.
4.8. The items of the player who left the server, remain with him in the backpack or be timely. Allowed to use this character and not to sell items, but to rest players is prohibited.
4.9. The transfer of Divine Rapier by suicide or death from Roshan or creeps (enemy and/or neutral) is prohibited. Nor may likewise captured a Divine Rapier.
5. "Discount", conservation, restart.
5.1. "Discount" is considered to be any interruption of the network connection during the game due to problems in the system, network, computer, power problems, etc.
5.2. In the case of a discount of one or more players, the captain of the team is obliged to pause and wait for the return of the player to the game with the ability to continue the game.
5.3. If one or more players of the team can not continue the game due to an unintentional, unexpected "discount" event:
earlier than 10 minutes of game time passed-the game is replayed;
5.4. If the team is experiencing technical problems it is entitled to pauses and technical restarts/saves in order to solve these problems. The total number of technical restart / save no more than three per game. The total time spent in this situation - no more than 20 minutes.
5.5. In case of restart, the game must be restarted with the same settings as in the first game. Players must choose the same heroes, starting items and the same lines. Change lines permitted after as heroes and creeps will meet on lines.
If you are unable to resolve a conflict situation — let the judge a brief description of the problem appeared
5.6. Restart the game is possible only with the consent of the referee supervising the game.
5.7. Each team is entitled to one Time out in one game. If time out'a left (no more than 5 minutes) – tell the opponents to continue the game (without unnecessary aggression, explaining the situation, or telling the judge).
6. Etc.
6.1. All claims for games will be accepted for 15 minutes after the game (game based on viewing the replay), if claims within the specified period is not received, the result of the games are no longer being revised.
6.2. The tournament management reserves the right to modify and Supplement these terms at any time at its sole discretion.
6.3. All players must be signed strictly under his team, camping on E. have prefix (for example Pro100.kashmar)
6.4. After the start of the tournament replacement in the team is strictly prohibited! If the team is noticed with replacement it will be disqualified without the right to appeal.
6.5. The referee reserves the right to change, Supplement the tournament rules at his discretion.
The team captain (or a player-Manager to represent it) shall be constantly present at the site of the championship (kirchgruppe Skype) for constant communication with the judges of the tournament.
Players are prohibited from using obscene language in the game chat. In case of violation, the player is given a warning. In case of repeated violation, the referee has the right to count the technical defeat in the current game.
Players are forbidden to quarrel with judges, players and managers of other teams. Moreover, all controversial issues are discussed only by the team captain (or Manager) in the presence of the judges. In case of violation, the player may be disqualified.
Captain owes immediately to inform about the end of the game judge. And to name the final result. Otherwise, the referee has the right not to count the result of the game.
By registering your team you confirm that you are familiar with the rules of the tournament and agree to comply with them.