CSGO La Marmelada GN to MG

CSGO La Marmelada GN to MG

By CsGods
Welcome to the La Marmelada tournaments organized by the one and only Cs Gods!

All games going to be live streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/csgodstournament and on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkAJLymIgTk71NycUGKvtTg?guided_help_flow=3 and we are going to have two casters that is going to talk english and we are going after swedish timezoon (UTC+02.00)

We are using popflash server

We are going to create a schedule in Google excel document and there you can follow the time and stuff like that

We going to start the first game at 17.30 swedish time but it might change becouse its a online tournamnet but we hope that we could start 17.30

There going to be a pre interview and a interview after the games with one player in your team!

Ranks for this tournament is Gold Nova to MG Elite and we are going to be very hard with this rule so its going to be fair for al teams

Join our discord for more information for this tournament
Europe/Stockholm (UTC+02:00)
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No prize information.
- No cheating or scripts are allowed. (Jumpthrow binds are allowed.)

- No trashtalking during the games.

- You are allowed to use as many standins as you want as long as you tell one of the admins ahead of time.

- If you are signed up with another team you cannot standin for a different team in the tournament unless you haven't played a single game with the team you are signed up for.

- If you are gonna argue with an admin, do it in a mature way.

- If one of your players has a VAC ban, tell us ahead of time so we can look into it or you could get dqed.

- No private profiles are allowed.

- If you show up 20 mintes too late for your match you get a forfeit loss.

- If the schedule doesn't work for you, you can make a request to reschedule it, if the other team denies the request you either forfeit or just play with standins.
Europe/Stockholm (UTC+02:00)