Scorpia CSGO| Premium Invitational League EU

By Scorpia Tournaments
Online, Europe
Welcome to our first Premium League!

> Gamemode: Competitive
> Game: CSGO
> Entry fee 10 Euros
> Prizepool: $50
> Website:

Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+02:00)
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1st: 25 Euros
2nd: 15 Euros
3rd: 10 Euros

´Any additional roster changes will cost 5 Euros
Official Tournament Terms and Conditions - Scorpia Tournaments Premium Invitational League

1. Discord
2. Code of Conduct
3. Tournament Structure
4. Gameservers
5. Match

1. Discord

All players must be in the Scorpia Premium League discord. Every team gets their own teamrank and access to their own voice channel

1.1 Voice channels

Teams are required to be in their voice channels during their match. These voice channels have to be used! If the players are disturbed during their match, and they had no hand in it, then there will be a rematch.

1.2 Chat

Chat rules that are layed out in the #rules-information channel count for the whole server. If you get too much warnings for breaking those rules and you get banned, then you are not in our discord anymore and thereby not in the tournament anymore. The team will still be in the tournament, but will need to have another player signed up upfront.

2. Code of conduct

All players are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and maintain respect for one another and for all tournament staff. Any player behaving inappropriately, or not competing in compliance with these rules may be immediately disqualified from the Tournament and forfeit all potential Prizes. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Swearing, screaming or threats
Cheating of any sort through any means
Offensive, vulgar or obscene usernames, avatars or Team names
Sexism, ageism, racism or any other form of prejudice or bigotry
Engaging in any activity which is deemed by tournament organizers to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to conventional standards of proper ethical behavior.
Any other type of conduct deemed inappropriate at the tournament organizers’ sole discretion

Players agree to be bound by the decisions of the tournament organizers, which shall be final and binding in all respects. The tournament organizers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the type, process, or operation of the tournament, or to be acting in violation of these rules.

3. Tournament Structure

Groups of 4 Round Robin, 2 pools. 1st gets a bye to Semi's, 2nd and 3rd go against the 3rd or 2nd, Respectively, of the other group in the Quarter Finals.

4. Gameservers

5. Matches

All the matches are played at a certain time. This time will be determined by the organizers, and could change if a team has a proper reason as to why they can not play. 10 minutes after the determined time you are disqualified, so be there 15 minutes before time and in your voice channel to prepare things. If your whole team is in their voice channel, on the Scorpia discord server it will count as arrived.

5.1 Stand-ins

Stand-ins ought to be known 30 minutes before your match starts. The team needs to report their stand-ins in the #standins channel. There can only be a total of 5 stand-ins through the whole tournament. A Best out of 3 counts as one match, and stand-ins can not trade places with any other player during that time.

5.2 Map Pool
This is the official map pool for the Scorpia CSGO Premium Invitational League:(These maps will be determined by the Active Duty maps from Valve itself).


5.3 Captain

The captain must remain the same during the entire tournament. He is responsible for the team and will be making decisions for the enire team.

5.4 Map Vetoes

Teams are expected to do their map vetoes at most 3 hours before their game and with an admin in voice chat.

Coinflip to decide who picks first

Team A ban a map
Team B ban a map
Team A ban a map
Team B ban a map
Team A pick a map
Team B pick a map

Map selection for a best-of-three match

Coinflip to decides who starts the veto

Team A will ban a map
Team B will ban a map
Team A will pick a map (played first in the best-of-three)
Team B will pick a map (played second in the best-of-three)
Team A will ban a map
Team B will ban a map
The remaining map will be used as the 3rd map if the series goes three games.

5.5 Breaks

Teams are entitled to 4, 30-second timeouts in to discuss tactics. If your team is experiencing technical issues, you can call a technical timeout for a maximum of 5 minutes. If the issue has not been solved within those 5 minutes, the game continues. Players are responsible for their own equipement and internet connection.


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