Duos Tournament
Playstation 4

Temporal Dormancy Events

By Temporal Dormancy
Online, Us east, new York
Players will report to me on psn

PSN ID: OGPreSsure

Twitch: ogpr3ssure

Psn Community: TemporalDormancy

Youtube: Temporal Dormancy

Twitter: Temporal dormancy

Snap chat: Temporal Dormancy

Email: xogpressurex@yahoo.com


I will lay out detailed rules. I will also exsplain more on how i will be able to controle what happens and make sure its fair and fun!

List of Stream & Video Providers supported

From Twitch to Mixer, from Youtube to Twitter, you can use them all!

Make sure you
Watch it live on Dormancy Tv
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
Join Discord
Bragging rights

*10$ psn card per player for winning duo team

☆☆☆☆Dip dip potato chip☆☆☆☆☆☆
Requirements:Player's age is 13 years or older (on some occasions this rule is flexible if the player is mature) this is a fair play tournament, All accounts must be mod free, cheat and get reported.

•The player must take the game and the players around it serious.

•We think that being respectful is a very important rule (no racism, homofobia or bad language)

•Dont's:Whine in chat. Be mature when interacting with fellow opponents. Adult language is allowed but not encouraged. Post Troll bases that are offensive in nature. Other behaviors that perpetuate general anxiety or clan discord are undesirable and not condoned.Behaviors that are illicit are a personal choice; should remain private and are not condoned.

¤Players will look at brackets to see who they are playing.
¤Moderators and teams playing will all meet in party chat and exchange current screen shots of participants level, tier and experience.
¤Squads will play their own individual match and apply final screen shot of the matchs detailed stats and xp.
¤Members are required to stream
¤Teams will only get one go, so squad your best because the "squad" with most points wins.
¤Players are required to take screen shot of teir level, account level and experience before and after.
☆At the end of match participants are required to take screen shot of end game summary. If player forgets he is automatically dq for match and only one members points will count.


▪Eliminated -3 points
▪eliminations 7 points
▪assists 2 points
▪revives 1 point
▪1st place victory is 10 points per player alive
▪Ties will go to the team with the most combined damage to players.
▪This is a double elimination. Teams must loose twice to get eliminated.