HL Incursion NA XB1 Tournament

Hardcore League Incursions NA XB1 Tournament

By Hardcore League
Tournament Info
5v5 incursions gamemode
Start - May 18, 2018
End(Finals) - TBA
Single elimination tournament bracket
The tournament is open to any team who would like to compete
Tournament registration will close at midnight (CST) on the 15th of May.Late Registration will close at midnight (CST) on the 17th of May.

Team requirements

Teams will consist of 5 players. Teams will be allowed to name 3 alternate players. For a total of 8 players. Players will only be allowed to sign up with one team including alternates.
Each team must designate a team leader. The team leader must be a registered member of the Hardcore league Discord.

Tournament play instructions
A team that would like to compete in the tournament must follow the following steps

Once a team has signed up the team leader will receive an email and/or a message on discord informing them of a designated player Gamertag that all team players will need to add to their XBOX friends list. This will allow us to invite all players into the incursions match during the tournament.
America/Chicago (UTC-06:00)
Join Discord
$500 in prizes to the winning team.

Pre Match Requirements

1. ALL participants MUST have HLeagueofficial on their Friends Lists on the XBOX, no later than 24 hours before their first match, please have everyone on your Roster send a request as soon as possible as we will not chase anyone down(your team will be considered forfeit otherwise).
2. Team leaders MUST join the INCURSIONS PREMATCH voice Channel 20 minutes prior to your scheduled match time
3. All participants MUST be loaded into Incursions, in the lobby, and prepared to except the game invite 10 minutes before your scheduled start time. A invite will be sent to every member of your Teams Roster that is in the lobby, it is the Team Leaders responsibility to make sure the correct personnel joins the match
4. All of the above rules must followed or your team will forfeit or may be removed from the Tournament, depending on the situation.
General Rules:

1) All players must be of legal age in their own Country/State/Province/City/Etc. to participate in tournaments.

2) All rules and all Terms and Conditions listed under the rules tab and under the "Terms and Conditions" Section on http://www.hardcoreleague.co/ and all rules listed on the Official Hardcore League Discord under the "welcome and rules" section must be followed at all times by all players/users. If there are any rules that conflict with rules listed here the rules listed here will be followed.

No Shows:


The Rules on Disconnecting:

1) If a player or players disconnect they may rejoin, however, the match will continue in their absence.

2) If a significant portion of the team in the match disconnect and the match has been mostly completed a win and loss may be awarded, but only on a case by case basis.