Stigma Amateur League S1

Stigma Amateur League S1

By Stigma Esports Limited
‣ 24 Teams
‣ 4 Groups of 6 teams
‣ Top 2 Teams Of Each Group Stage Proceed Bo1
‣ Single Elimination Bo3 Playoff Bracket
‣ £10 Per Team (5 players + 1 sub)
‣ £2 Per Additional Player

In the unlikely event that the league is canceled each team will be issued a full refund

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Our servers are currently hosted in London, UK.
If you have any issues please contact us at
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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1) £80
2) £40
3) £30
Cheating is not tolerated, instances of cheating are dealt with at admin discretion.
All insults will be dealt with at admin discretion, insulting is classed as any violent threats, pornographic imagery, explicit language in-game or severe insults.
No refunds shall be given once the league commences.
You have 15 minutes after the scheduled time to have your team readied up.
Entry fee must be paid before sign ups close or you will not be entered.
Teams must have at least 4 players on the server to play the match.
Teams can report if the enemy team takes longer than 10 minutes in total in pauses.
No players that are at a professional level (fully salaried) are allowed to compete.
If teams miss 3 matches (default losses) they will be automatically removed from the league.
All players that compete must have “Easy Anti-Cheat” running while in game.

Each team must nominate a team captain to provide contact details (e.g Twitter, Steam, Discord etc.) to be contacted by the Stigma admins in order to reschedule games.
Each team captain must be active on discord for important updates, contacting other teams and rescheduling matches.

League System
There will be 4 groups with 8 teams in each group. Teams will play 7 rounds, with vetoes selecting the map (the "home team" or team on the left of the toornament match page will be starting the veto. A win grants 3 points, a draw grants 1 point and a loss grants 0 points. The top 4 teams from each group will advanced to the playoffs stage. If there is a tie in the league stage, we will use round difference as a tiebreaker. The playoffs stage will be single elimination with 16 teams.
League Prizes
Winning teams captain’s will be contacted 7 business days after the league has completed to organise the appropriate payment options. Once everything is confirmed we will aim to have prize payment made within 7 business days.

League Coverage
The Stigma staff will try to cast and cover as many of the league’s games as possible on our twitch. We will have our stream delay set at 120 seconds which is above the industry standard of 90 seconds. Players are allowed to stream their own games but we ask them to set a delay of at least 2 minutes.

All of the league’s times and schedule will be in UK time. Toornament times will change to your local time.

All matches must be played on official Stigma servers which is located in London, UK. The only exception is with permission from Stigma staff beforehand.
Players are only allowed to share the server connection details to fellow players of their team.

This season’s map pool: Inferno, Train, Mirage, Nuke, Cobblestone, Overpass, Cache

There will be a veto in all games.

*Stigma Staff has the right to change these rules at any time.