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Fortnite Tournament Prizes!

By FortniteTournaments
This tournament is a 10-man solo tournament. All tournaments are currently free at the moment! You will play one match and then post a SCREEN SHOT IN YOUR REPLAYS (GO TO CAREER/REPLAY) in order to show proof of your last game in the 5-Man Tournament discord channel! Be sure to join our discord (https://discord.gg/FwMcbSq) at the time of the event. (CHANGE YOUR DISCORD NAME TO YOUR PARTICIPANT NAME/ IGN)

*ALL TOURNAMENTS START 8PM Eastern* Monday-Saturday

Link to reigning Champion! (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zFCR18yPoTM6FPxh1txC1Vhqvr1yqSNFD8_8lgi0l8I/edit?usp=sharing)
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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1st Place= $2.00
2nd Place= $1.00

All payments made via Paypal!
Kills = 1 point
Win = 5 point
Top 5 = 2 point

1) Please join our Discord channel to remain updated regarding this winners after the game (https://discord.gg/FwMcbSq) JOIN THE WAITING ROOM UNTIL TRANSFERRED TO TOURNAMENT
2) The competition is open to any PC players
3) When registering for this tournament, please supply your correct Epic ID so that prize money can be distributed accordingly, supplying a false name may lead to a delay in prizes or being expelled from the competition.
4) Be on time to events! There will be no refunds for slackers. You may however email fortnitebattleroyaltournament@gmail.com if there are any problems 24 hours in advance.
5) POV streaming IS permitted for our tournaments. lol. Just don't get stream sniped.
6) Game data is pulled right after the 1 match is over, so any additional matches will be excluded.